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Packaging paper for diverse industries

Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker BV produces packaging paper for various industries, for wrapping flowers, gifts and more. Products are made to measure so that the packaging paper contributes to the promotion, protection and recognition of your product. Ask now for a quotation.




Curved sheets

tulpenvellen/gebogen vellen
tulpen/gebogen vellen
tulpen/gebogen vellen

Specifications packaging paper

  • Blank or printed in one to eight colours
  • Various roll widths, sizes and paper qualities
  • 20 to 200 g/m² paper
  • Reels, sheets en curved sheets
  • Reels wrapped in film
  • Sheets packed in shrink wrap
  • Curved sheets shrink wrapped or packed in flat blanks

If you have any questions, get in touch with us!

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