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Semi-finished products for daily use

If you are looking for industrial packaging, we offer lots of options for the production of semi-finished products (products that are intended to be processed further into a finished product). Examples would be packaging for sugar and salt or the wrapping for firewood and or things like hygiene rolls.

Sugar and creamer sticks and sachets for cutlery and serviettes for aeroplane meals are examples of semi-finished products that are processed further by automatic packaging machines. We are also the right place for the production of the inner and outside lining of roll cores, tubes and rolls of roofing for the packaging and bitumen industries. We also produce packaging for A4 copier paper, supply separators for snacks and chocolates, for instance, but also cover material for the car industry.

If the semi-finished product you need hasn’t been mentioned above, get in touch with us and ask about the possibilities.

industriële verpakkingen
industriële verpakkingen
industriële verpakkingen
industriële verpakkingen

Specifications Industrial Packaging

  • Various paper qualities possible
  • 20 to 250 g/m²
  • Printing in one to eight colours
  • Diverse roll widths and sizes
  • Processable roll width up to 120 cm

Applications Industrial Packaging

  • Sugar and salt industry
  • Firewood producers
  • Hygiene rolls
  • Coffee producers
  • Airlines
  • Car(spray) industry
  • Paper tube and roll core producers
  • Bitumen
  • Meat industry

If you have any questions, get in touch with us!