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Tulip sheets and paper

We produce our tulip sheets from tulip paper, a paper that is strong even when wet. We can also produce it to an environmentally friendly quality, bleached white or narrow striped brown kraft. A tulip sheet, otherwise known as a curved sheet, is pressed by us into a crescent shape so that the nursery can pack the bunches of tulips easily and send them to auction well protected.

Sheets printed with company names add that little bit extra. A colourful bunch of tulips packed in a beautifully printed sheet, with perhaps a company name or logo, wouldn’t that be impressive? We can print in up to eight colours! If you prefer to order unprinted sheets, we also produce those in various sizes. Sheets are made to measure so that the packaging paper contributes to the promotion, protection and recognition of your product.

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tulpen/gebogen vellen

Specifications tulip/curved sheets

  • Various paper qualities possible
  • 20 to 200 g/m²
  • Blank or printed in one to eight colours
  • See the stand diagram for printing
  • Various sizes
  • Sheets of flat blanks packaged on a pallet or in shrink-wrapped packages

Applications tulip/curved sheets

Our tulip/curved sheets are mainly used in the following industry:

  • Nurseries

If you have any questions, get in touch with us!